About us

After many years working for various companies in and around Auckland, I decided to start my own Glass business. 2012 was the start of A Plus Glass Limited.
I was studying business at the time. I completed an assignment and handed it to my tutor. My tutor said my work is “an A Plus” and that is how I got the name for my business.

The goal is to be the number 1 glass company in Auckland, to continue to build relationships with customers and to develop a reputation that exceeds expectations.

We are a small dedicated team with many years experience in the glazing industry. We are all qualified tradesman and site safe members.

What we can do
  • All glass repairs
  • Supply commercial and residential
  • Supply any type of glass including safety laminate glass, safety toughened glass, obscure glass, frosted glass, double glazing, mirrors, security glass, coloured glass and more
  • Tint removal
  • Specialise in re putty work using a highly recommended product.
  • Specialise in all silicone work and re rubbering commercial buildings or houses
  • Commercial boat silicone work
Anything to do with glass, we do the lot.

Thank you

Huge big thank you to Michael Hill The Glazier
I have been Michael’s number 1 contractor for many years. I have learnt so much of my glazing qualities and workmanship from Michael. I appreciate what he has done for me and my family.
My company’s success is through Michael’s trust in me and all the business knowledge he has shared with me.
Thank you Michael.

24 / 7 emergency call:   022 044 2075